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In contributing to our basic principles; the development and advancement of veterinary oncology in Japan, we conducted the 1st Japan Veterinary Cancer Study Group, in February 1995 and established the Japan Veterinary Cancer Society (JVCS) on April 1, 2009. Our mission is not only to maintain the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, but also to collect and analyze clinical data, to gather information on the latest advancement in clinical oncology, to pursue clinical studies for new treatments, to encourage post graduate education for veterinarians, and to collaborate in research with other departments and fields of study.


Executives President   Takuo Shida(Azabu University)
President- elect   Takuo Ishida (Akasaka Animal Hospital)
Michio Fujita (Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University)
Takeo Minami(Minami Animal Hospital)
Supervisor   Yoshio Kato(Pets Hospital Kato)
Naomi Honma(Shizuoka Animal Medical Center)
Treasurer   Akira Inoue(Nagai Animal Hospital)
Accounting Auditor   Hideya Hori(Tsujido cats & dogs clinic)
Public Relations   Hiroki Sugiyama(Azabu University)
Committee/Chairperson Conference Organization
Journal Editorial
Specialist Organization Executive
JONCOL Editorial
Hiroko Kawamura(Azabu University)
Michio Fujita (Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University)
Takuo Ishida (Akasaka Animal Hospital)
Takeo Minami(Minami Animal Hospital)
Keiko Kodama(Kodama Animal Hospital)
Specialty/Chairperson Surgery
Radiation Therapy
Internal Medicine
Clinical Research
International Information
Tsuyoshi Kadosawa(Rakuno Gakuen University)
Takuya Maruo(Azabu University)
Tetsuya Shimoda(Sanyo Animal Medical Center)

Tetsuya Kobayashi(Japan Small Animal Cancer Center)
Hajime Tsujimoto(The University of Tokyo)


Journal of Japan Veterinary Cancer Society


Chief Editor   Michio Fujita (Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University)
Editorial Board Daigo Azakami(Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University)
Kazushi Asano(Nihon University)
Tsuyoshi Kadosawa(Rakuno Gakuen University)
Tetsuya Shimoda(Sanyo Animal Medical Center)
Tomoko Takahashi(Nihon University)
Hiroyuki Namba(Laboratoire d'Analyse Anatomo-pathologique Veterinaire)
Takuya Maruo(Azabu University)
English Reviewer Takuo Ishida (Akasaka Animal Hospital)


Board Certified Member of JVCS

JVCS certifies veterinarians with special training to promote and foster professional activities in clinical oncology within Japan.
Our mission is to educate veterinarians with the knowledge and skills in clinical oncology from the basics of medical care to new and advanced treatment methods.
Our future goal is to transform this program into a nationally certified program for specialists in veterinary oncology.



Annual conferences take place twice a year.


Regular: 1,769  
Associate: 48  
Honorary: 1  
Supporting: 13  
Total: 1,831  (as of February 23, 2011)

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